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Okay, I’m doing it!


People have been asking me to offer workshops for a very long time, but I was way too scared to do it!
Until, the very lovely Elizabeth Duviver of Squam Art Workshops convinced me to teach at Squam last September.

And I LOVED it!


So, I’m starting to put together some workshops, e-courses and retreats here in the UK (and online too) but I want to hear from you first.




Is it Photography? Is it Photoshop and how to edit your images? Is it how to get started in business as a photographer? Is it how to market your work and get more customers and followers?


I really want to know.


I would love it if you would take two minutes to fill out this little survey so that I can provide the best possible experience for everyone who honours me by asking me to teach them.


Thanks so much!

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