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I love folklore, fairytales, gothic fiction, science fiction and fantasy — anything that reminds me that we are all creators of worlds. All of us.

But sometimes we forget. Life is busy and there are bills to pay, and imagination seems like a luxury we can’t afford.

What a treat then to spend a few minutes with our inner heroine. The one who digs her toes into the cool earth, whispers her secrets into the rivers and streams, and feels the sharp wind on her cheek.

My “Tales from the Moors Country” images may seem like they spring from the pages of a mysterious storybook, but they are really the gift of a little journey into your own imagination. The same gift received from beloved books and films. It is my sincere hope that these stories entertain and inspire you, and that you carry them along with you on your own creative journey.

The Images


Music for those who Listen
The Night’s Companion
From the Depths
Like Ghosts from an Enchanter Fleeing
The Calling
The Word and the Whisperer
Raven’s Song
Listen to the Colour of Your Dreams
They who Knew the Storm
A Time for the Evening under Starlight
Do not cringe and make yourself small
From Her Ashes
Greater than the Illustrious Heroes
The End of all our Exploring
Songs of the Sea
The Departure
A Hundred Silent Ways
Stormy Skies
To be all made of Sighs and Tears
Not I, Not I
Mist of a Memory
The Familiar
The Weaker Side
Longer Ways to Go
Lost Among Bowers of Blossoming Trees
A Soul that sees Beauty
The Darkest Point

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